Thursday, December 07, 2006

Google and the ripoff merchants

Google tries hard - perhaps too hard - to use its "smarts" (the fancy, arcane and secret algorithms it's famous for) to outwit the shonky operators who lure lots of clicks via cheap Adwords search terms, only to offer them pages of hi-return ads. And gets written up in Forbes. Another fascinating read, from any perspective.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Resources for business brains

My online strategy? Basically look at and subscribe to everything then slowly weed out the chaff. Let things percolate slowly. You may think YouTube a dud but 6 months later it's gained critical mass. It happens over and over again. Look at MySpace, or the fast growing virtual world at Second Life. Now one day someone will integrate all of these social networks and kaboom. In the business of online business it's keeping your eyes open to new ideas that matters. Audio remains big on the web and in real life, and tools like Pluggd and Talkr have got to have scope to grow.

And use the resources like MBA Depot. It was a great source of articles during my MBA study and remains very useful.