Thursday, June 10, 2010

China's Huawei on convergence, last mile and growth markets #telecoms

What interests me is not just Huawei's growth in telecoms and plans for more, including the last-mile business in Australia, also but the acknowledgement that IBM is engaged to revamp and integrate their financial system (and Accenture for CRM, too). 

 Huawei’s Brave New World - Digits - WSJ
Mr. Zhang: In 2009, Huawei grew operating profit margin by 1.2% to 14.1%. Huawei is firmly committed to continually enhancing and managing our margins. We are working with IBM on implementing an integrated financial system across our organization, as well as working with Accenture to update our customer relationship management systems.

Dow Jones: Huawei has been expanding overseas, looking at growth opportunities. Which markets are attractive? And are you looking at any acquisition targets?

Mr. Zhang: One area that is particularly attractive is last mile connectivity for rural communities in both developed Australia and emerging markets India, Africa where Huawei has extensive experience we can share. Our strategy is to deliver customer-centric innovative systems that bring business value to our customers by being well positioned in the core competencies of mobile, fixed and IP data. We don’t exclude the possibility of acquisitions if it strengthens our competitiveness.

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